Introduction to Cider Making with C Squared Ciders (Video Download)

  • $ 19.99

Join C Squared Ciders Founder/Cider Maker Andy Brown as he walks you through the ins and outs of making cider at home. Andy covers the basics and offers pro tips on selecting, pressing, and blending apples before taking you into fermentation, aging, and packaging your cider.

In this video, Andy will cover:

  • What You’re Looking for In An Apple
  • Grinding Apples for Cider Making
  • Blending Apples
  • Pressing Your Apples
  • Cider Yeast
  • Cider Fermentation & Filtration
  • Increasing Your Ciders Sweetness
  • Aging Your Cider
  • Clarifying Your Cider
  • Serving Your Cider
  • and much more!