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How to Brew a Juicy New England-Style IPA (Video Download)

How to Brew a Juicy New England-Style IPA (Video Download)

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Join host Steve McConnell of Wild Bones Brewing Company as he guides you through this video class on brewing a great New England-Style IPA. There are a number of unique characteristics to the style, all the way from water treatment to packaging that differentiate it from its West Coast counterpart. Learn all about:
  • Water chemistry to support protein suspension
  • Building the grain bill
  • Hops quantity, timing, and types
  • Yeast selection
  • Fermentation
  • Building a recipe
  • Packaging hazy IPAs

And much, much more.

About the host

Steven McConnell is the co-owner and head brewer for brewery-in-planning Wild Bones Brewing Co. in Morriston, New Jersey. He started brewing, out of necessity, three years ago because there were beers he wanted to drink but couldn't get his hands on. So he decided to try it himself. Brewing literally became an obsession from day one. He bought and read every book he possibly could. He has brewed many more than 200 batches in his short time brewing. He works on recipes every day. When he met three other great people who have the same passion, they decided to turn their obsession into a reality by opening Wild Bones Brewing Co. Here, he offers the expertise he has gained in brewing New England–style IPAs to guide you through brewing your own.

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