The Mechanics of Barrel Aging with Avery Brewing (Video Download)

  • $ 29.99

In this pro video, Avery Brewing Barrel Herder Andy Parker walks you through the ins and outs of receiving, preparing, filling, and emptying barrels with practical tips and equipment recommendations throughout. This video contains more than 55 minutes of video.

Avery Brewing (Boulder, Colorado) is known for its “extreme” barrel-aged beers, such as its 19 percent ABV 5 Monks “Quintuple,” so it’s no surprise that the man behind this madness, barrel-aging guru Andy Parker, has the knowledge to teach you how to:

  • Evaluate and treat new/used barrels
  • Reuse barrels
  • Select barrels
  • Rinse, prepare, and fill barrels
  • Select your bung
  • Deal with leaks
  • Determine aging times and conditions
  • Taste your barrels
  • Debarrel and blend

and much more!