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A New Day for IPA (Summer 2024)

A New Day for IPA (Summer 2024)

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Before there was hazy or even a defined West Coast style, there was an IPA that emerged as a brashly hopped counterpoint to British ale. It never went away—but it evolved. And today’s brewers are making it better than ever. 

Get this brewing-focused publication, featuring:

  • American IPA Remastered
  • Building Character in Hazy IPA
  • Developing Your Hop Sense
  • 21st Century IPAs with 20th Century Hops
  • Farmhouse Cider: Embracing the F—Word
  • Make Your Best: Grodziskie + Extra Stout
  • Style School: Kvass + Dessert Stout
  • 121 IPA Reviews: Hazy, West Coast, Black, Session, Fruited
  • Plus, 14 Recipes From the Pros

And much, much more

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