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Best in Beer 2020 (Dec-Jan)

Best in Beer 2020 (Dec-Jan)

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The Annual Best in Beer Issue is out for 2020! The best beers, breweries, gear, ingredients, and more! Order your single copy of this issue, featuring:

  • Top 20 Beers of 2020, Readers' Favorites, Critic Picks, Big Trends, Winning Recipes, Brewing Gear
  • Wassailing Through the Holidays
  • Brewers' Survival Kit: Dozens of Tips to Brew Better Beer at Home
  • Special Ingredient: Marshmallow
  • Style School: Belgian Tripel
  • Breakout Brewers: Vitamin Sea + Grains of Wrath
  • Cooking with the Best in Beer
  • 14 brewing recipes from the pros

And much more.

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