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Hot Rod Your Kettles and Mash Tun (Video Download)

Hot Rod Your Kettles and Mash Tun (Video Download)

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Ready to make the move from extract to all-grain? Ready to upgrade your all-grain system? Want to avoid the cost of doing it wrong? This video is the perfect introduction to building out your bad-ass homebrew system. In this 26-minute video, learn to:

- Select the right propane burner
- Build your own hot liquor tank and boil kettle with thermometers, valves, whirlpool attachments, and a sight glass
- Build your own mash tun with a valve and false bottom with a pickup tube
- Assemble your system with quick-release camlocks

One of the best things about brewing is building your gear. Don't make the mistake that many homebrewers make and waste hundreds of dollars on pots from incorrectly cut and assembled equipment.

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