The Many Flavors of Wood-Aged Beer (Dec-Jan 2019)

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The The Many Flavors of Wood-Aged Beer (Dec-Jan 2019) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® is available now. Order your single copy of this issue, featuring:

  • Malt Matters: More and more homebrewers (and small craft brewers) are leaving the “big maltster” sacks behind in favor of local and/or craft malts.
  • Dialing in Your Brew System
  • Wood-Aged Beer: Recipe Development for Wood, Working with Wine Barrels, The Right Beer for the Right Barrel
  • Breakout Brewers: Outer Range, Fermentery Form, and Parish Brewing Co.
  • Recipes from Scratch Brewing, Parish Brewing, Fermentery Form, Outer Range, and more.

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