Winter 2014 Issue (Print) - Craft Beer & Brewing

Winter 2014 Issue (Print)

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The Winter 2014 issue of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™ is available now.  Order your single copy of this issue, featuring:

  • A large feature package on stouts and a guide to stout styes
  • Tips and techniques for homebrewing stouts
  • The secrets of ultra-high-gravity fermentation
  • An in-depth look at brewing water from author John Palmer
  • Breakout brewer profiles including La Cumbre (NM), Treehouse Brewing (MA), and Societe (CA)
  • Learn what New Belgium's Kim Jordan would put in her dream six-pack
  • Cooking with beer - recipes for warm and festive holiday meals
  • Inexpensive beers you can cellar now
  • Historial brewing with Ron Pattinson, including a recipe for a Scottish stout
  • A selection of tried and true homebrew recipes
  • 50+ Beer Reviews

and more!

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